7-day travel essentials . . .

i hand sewn this last summer
was so productive that time

right now it all went like slow motion
last week i literally dipped myself into work everyday
this week is such a damn turn off

i hate snails
and hate being like snail


Trời ơi

"Trên cao đám sao sao xà
Bao giấc mơ hoang đường
Bao trái tim mơ mộng ngủ say
Nơi đây ít vui hơn buồn
Ta khát chung câu cười
Son phấn thay cho lời điu hiu.


Em nay biết yêu hoang tàng
Nay biết yêu hoang đường
Nay biết yêu sao trời mộng mơ
Em nay muốn dâng tim đầy
Nay muốn khoe ngu khờ
Nay muốn vui hơn buồn
Trời ơi , lạy Ông. "

(Lê Cát Trọng Lý)


" Listen to the girl
As she takes on half the world
Moving up and so alive
In her honey dripping beehive
It's good, so good, it's so good
So good

Eating up the scum
Is the hardest thing for
Me too do

Just like honey

... "

' Exhibit ' project
 sketchbook// 2011

' Biography ' project

1st year in Camberwell // 2010
- illustration on memo pads -



a set of 12 pasta illustrations i've done last month .


(courtesy of Karo)
" Staring at his cleft moon for seventy-six minutes, i begin to understand its abstraction: high-contrast lighting conscripts the ass into being a figure for whiteness itself, particularly when the ass merges with the blank leader at each reel's end. The buttocks, seen in isolation, seem explicitly double: two cheeks, divided in the center by a dark line. The bottom's double structure suggests another, anatomical, abject way to read the double in Warhol's work: as a representation or displacement of the butt's two cheeks, or of any bodily bifurcation (testicles, vaginas, breasts). Taylor himself was Andy's double - a man with the knack of over-turning stigma through outrageous pantomine. "

" Home was where he glued himself back together: he used the word glued to describe his process of self-repair, which involved literally gluing the wig to his pate. "

[Wayne Koestenbaum on Warhol]


 cooking porn



 T i l d a a a


babyyy you'll be mine on thurs !!!!

[via m.b]
my favorite mag, beside i-D ..

cineposter by William Klein 1961

i bought ' Only Yesterday ' about 2 years ago. charming, pleasant and sensible portraiture of a 27-year-old female character and her observation with life, nostalgic childhood and the love for countryside.

not that i'm particularly in a pastel mood l a t e l y let alone the fact that everything-pastellised is the current - everywhere - trend, i have always been drawn to minimal style (those who know me, know that well) and gentle, pastel-y hues -- clothing, colours, collectibles -- things that need no frills and fancies to make them sound. the colours/ styles/ observation and narration of this classic Studio Ghibli, for me, is timeless. when i watch the ''making of'' feature, i was amazed at such modern minimal, effortless and stylistic animating vision was portrayed in 1990.

it reminds me of how-what-why i'm made of -- like what i am now, today .

it might not be a thing for adventure-driven minds. funny how these days i just keep turning this on for hours, while drawing my projects and humming with the Japanese folky background tunes.

things that are -- simple, sound.

the shapes

[ steel culinary designs by Robert Welch ]


" do what you love. and do it often "


come to the realization of 20-year-old's frustration.
time capsule
dried figs
sun-soaked faces

be in good shape!

condensed milk -- concentration time.


i love big brushstrokes
B I G !


a few of 'sound' illustration for my Sensory Tv uni brief.
been practicing to improve the fluidity and create something coming out of cliche.
sound -- ambience -- visual echoes.

ceramic tile



i'm literally just really tired.
like physically n mentally tired.
but i havent tried hard or as hardest as i could. well, as-alwaysss



tuesday eveninnn

heat up before getting cracked with new drawingsss :DDD


có những lúc chẳng biết phải làm gì nữa
đi tiếp thế nào
rẽ ở đâu
? ! ?

quặt/ băng/ quẹo ?
đường tắt/ lối mòn/ ngõ cụt ?

xa tít tắp. . .


đầu thì đau
chân tay thì lỏng lẻo

nhòe nhoẹt

đâu còn là trẻ con nữa!


đừng là đám mây đen.
làm tia nắng mảnh,
hay là gợn sóng,
gợn gió
vẫn hơn,

mang niềm vui cho người.

Untitled (Stick) -- Toba Khedoori


proper hard-work tastes like honey .
m m m . . .

^.^  ^_^  ^..^  ^o^



wake up from idle-ness
pass the threshold
inhale exhale
breathe !


i found this while researching for the channel brief's idea. . .
fuck mehh
this's greattt

scream ! scream ! screammmmmmm !


sometimes, ppl just turn out as pure shit.
not that they cause huge triggers.
just that they a r e.


I hope to be able to visit this Vence (Matisse) Chapel one day. All the vibrancy of life.
nothing compatible to describe it. One day.

(pictures are courtesy of this)

Matisse! Matisse!

colours ! forms ! matisse !
i remember clearly how much i was mesmerised looking at Matisse's painting photos when i was in primary shcool, joining my aunt's drawing class for kids. 

and now, more than just mesmerising.

last night practice.
only till i scan the sketches, i''m able to see what to improve for the next ones.

sunny congee lunch .

my country . .

this was shown in uni's briefing.
very inspiring.



2 minutes.


my liver is such a badass 
i have such a bad liver 
oh liver said " leave me a l o n e "