the end?

cant breathe. cant eat (?). cant even walk to reach bathroom doorstep.
no energy.
no one here.
banana skins, peach cores, smoking ashes, tea bags, photos......
emotion hungry.
good chance for losing weight.

the fan's still running but ........


man with beard... and a mole on his chin

...man and a mole on his chin




beaucoup d'amour, beaucoup d'amour, beaucoup d'amour
beaucoup d'amour, beaucoup d'amour, beaucoup d'amour.....

why ppl keep asking me if i'm a chinese/korean/japanese for??
none of those above dumbheads!!!


sunday kind of movie

a love story about 2 people who hate each other
laugh laugh laughed ..


very inspirational




Boreddd !

No shapes at all 
Nothing real or artificial

No slow there is no fast
No face there is no desire
No symmetry or peace
No cameras and no phones
No photographs and no tones

(Empire of the sun lyrics)

no nothing.
didn't have any fresh air today. just journeys from bedroom to kitchen then toilet and so on. 


Day 2
I ate too much healthy foods today. 8 of the day!
Proud :)
A bit over-used sesameee oil but still ok.

Walked past, stopped & stared at Jil Sander & Sonia Rykiel stores today.
Simply awe that made me melt....

Every now & then i feel thankful & lucky cause I have "bestest kind of Soap".
Not at the moment but ...
Think about the Soap not too much, but enough to s-m-i-l-e when I walked on a familiar road.. And surprised that I remembered ways (map) in here quite well :D
Keeping body & mind busy is really a nice idea.

Do believe in it now, just crack a smile & things'll be easier. That's how I've done with submitting my CVs today. 

Feel like time is running out. Got too much things to do & worry about for this 1 mth period of time. 

Let's get crackin' in the kitchin!!


Day 1

I had a whimsical dream last night: being dead & stuck in void cause I couldn't get access either to heaven or hell. Wakeful dreamers.

First day with a total healthy-wannabe diet plus regime. Fruits. Vegs. Water! Fish. Tofu. Hullahoopin'. And walking as much as possible.

Ran fastest as I could to Sainsbury's to get a 5 pds top-up...
With the hope to hear that voice after just nearly a day living without it.
but it came out without enough signal.
As fastest as I could. 

soft rain. 
little bit chilly. 
windy, very windy.