You are the bridge over troubled water . Used to, but not anymore!

If being pure at heart helps,
then truth is,
I still love you...

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Trailer - Juliette Binoche

I haven't read book with same title by Milan Kundera yet
but surely will,


Matthew Collings :: This Is Modern Art ep.2 (2/5)

how fragile she is
after i watched this.

"Maybe I don't believe things myself, as well. Truth is such a transient thing.
(T. E)


Có gì đẹp trên đời hơn thế. 
 Người yêu người sống để yêu nhau...”
(T. H)


profoundly blue. . .



Yesterday, I so wanted to drink mulled wine, buy a cake and have a long talk with someone, within this christmasy air.But that someone've got plans with friends and so mine was simply ruined. 
Then a friend asked me out, she wanted to talk about her current love story. I said ok, I've nowhere to go anyway. So we went for a drink, then a light dinner, very light indeed. I didn't eat much, my stomach was not in the mood for meat or anything solid so for all those long hours, I just kept drinking the sweet taro soup and listening to her long long long story. 
It seems that love life isn't  quite a word for me ( I think about mylove and feel bitterly funny. It's a wicked dilemma) but quite a few still wanted to share with me their stories, passionately.

Then I looked around, someone I used to spend those seasonal moments with is with someone else or is somewhere, and Im here, ppl surrounding, chattering, but it was as if there's a translucent wall between me and those ppl, in this cosy restaurant.
My friend kept babling, and I was simply listening.
The restaurant closed early as it was christmas eve, so we walked around a while, we talked about love stuff, why it's so hard blablabla then we hugged and gave wishes to each other.
Then I took the train and walked back home.
Yesterday evening, I was totally alone. My flat was so quitet, I could hear the laughters clearly from the neighbours whom I hardly ever met. My flatmates were all out, and I was alone.

I ate a mini almond Magnum as a celebration, read for a while then went to bed.
I tried not to think about last christmas, cause even the idea of thinking about it makes me sad.

So that's it. I know it's awkwardly boring but I just wanted to type something and so I did.
I feel jazzy.
And everything's going to the beat......


à ơi em ngủ cho ngoan .......
" Có những lúc ngã lòng
Tôi vịn câu thơ mà đứng dậy".

(Phùng Quán)

So long .


Norwegian Wood (This Bird has Flown)

"And when I awoke, I was alone, this bird has flown
So I lit a fire, isn't it good, norwegian wood. "



these few weeks i havn't tried hard
no effort at all,
that's why now i'm in a middle of nowhere, my mind a mess, my stomach a stone and all over me are piles of homework bombarded with deadline next week and so onnnn.

today is the soap's birthday.
things are miles different as c'est la vie...
i understand that and truly wish the soap will find a better, fresher fragrance himself, soon.
i stopped asking myself why it's like this and that
everything happens for a reason
and i believe this is for the best.
this is a secret: tonight i came back home, opened up the old photos, i cried, my shoulders shaking, exactly like that time - the beginning of last summer - when i realized i was wholly on my own.
well, those are all memories now.

i really need to focus on studying now, i feel so behind.
saying "cos i hv work so i dont hv time for drawing" is honestly a pathetic excuse
i WON"T let laziness win.
really need to try harder and make believe.
what did i just type? well whatever.

we create our own luck.