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 " Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values become your destiny. "

Mahatma Gandhi


Fact Project (5)

Last GIF - introduces most common shape/genre variety of molluscs with shells.

My chosen exhibit is the Molluscs from Museum of Nature History.
Age range: my GIF sequences are aimed at 8 year-old audiences. As I positioned myself when I was 8, for example, how I was drawn to and wanted to know about marine species, I have made those GIF simplified. Due to my scanner quality, the pixels are quite hard to bear.

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Fact Project (4)

4th GIF : shows the habitats of most common molluscs with shells.

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Fact Project (3)

3rd GIF: how squid moves while giving birth of baby squids.

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Fact Project (2)

2nd GIF explains movement of the octopus.
The line quality and pixelation are not sharp and even as I wanted them to be.

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Fact Project (1)

Here is my 1st GIF outcome for Fact project.
It shows the digestion process of a generalized molluscs.

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sunday mornin'

. cherry yogurt for breakfast
. 9am - head straight to work - must: finish off all project work
. feeling like turning on some Amy winehouse's.
. optimistic-ism rules!


 (Courtesy of FP-CF)


(Marc Chagall)

(E.Ruscha's card)

(from marika.)

(artwork by John Balderssari)

s u m m e r 2011 (recap :D)


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-> my ceramic tiles 2010.


There are times when I could dive for hours non-stop into my work yet other times, like tonight, despite my half-boiled courage, I lost my battle with Mr. Concentration. Sometimes it's just so hard to focus. !!! Damn it. Full of personal shame.

But I find it soothing when I fail to concentrate, I then stop trying and let loose, all of a sudden it naturally comes back. It works "wonderfully" still, but cant be like that forever. Soon if I get work and be committed, that would be just simply an excuse, wouldn't it ? Such lazy virus.

"There is no substituition for hard-work".

(Photo taken in me and my little sis's toilet, back home in 2011. Lazing summer days. I miss home and my country. End of self-smothering here.)


Visit - journal - record. (continued)

I went to visit "The Power of Making" exhibition at V&A with my Elective - Novelty group. Above is the catalogue I collected in the museum, with some personal notes.

I had such mixed feelings after seeing the display. The exhibition showed several designs that played an impeccably important part in our lives which worth introducing and reminding to general public yet also, there is a number of creations that are so much to make me as an audience question and question. They are like work created just for the sake of something novel, almost inapplicable in general everyday life and particularly, they do lack of aesthetic values. I remember there was a sculpture, which I found rather tantalizing and disturbing. It was displayed right at the entrance of the exhibition, created in the shape of an enormous gorillaz and is composed of numerous metal coat hangers. Honestly, the sculpture has failed to have any aesthetic value, in no other way I could find its “beauty” and I believe it was made only to impress viewers about its giant size and probably, novelty.

And some other individual visits I had during Christmas break: 

Visit - journal - record. (continued)

On a lovely Saturday, I and my friend Guan-wen decided to go to British Museum. I heard about this exhibition's opening before and quite expected my visit for a while ago as I've always loved Grayson Perry's work and also, his being as a witty and insightful contemporary artist. And certainly, it did not turn me down. If the exhibition's rooms weren't that crowded, we would have loved to dive in there a whole full day. Anyway, his work following the title "The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsmen" all make sense for me, they are charmingly content and undeniably, beautiful. One particular work that I stood looking at it for nearly 15 mins is the large tapestry - filled one room's wall - that I believe is about the journey of the craftsmen. It just simply blown my mind away, and perhaps, many other viewers that day. Although I had watched the Imagine program on BBC that Alan Yentob documented and interviewed Grayson Perry before, visiting the exhibition of my ever favorite artist - is one enjoyment of my weekends :)


                                                         ( Hold Your Beliefs Lightly :D )

Visit - journal - record.

Knowing that I have to submit at minimum a journal post/ record about visiting for uni, even though it's for sure a pain in the ass for someone who's reluctant at keeping update online, I've actually taken my courage (fight the lazy virus!) to sweep off the dust of my blog and start writing some scrambling things tonight. So, mind my lame writing...

In the beginning of this 2nd uni year in Camberwell, I got a chance to visit the exhibition "Postmodernism: Style and Subversion 1970 - 1990" at V&A Museum with tutors and classmates. I really enjoyed the visit (if not too much ^ ^) not only because it's one of my most favourite museums in London but also because of its wittiness and 'coolness'. I was fascinated at almost every artwork and creations - which I find rather rebelliously novel at the time and still, they remain to conjure up "freshness" and excitement from the time they were made until today. I love love love the unconventional ceramic pots by Ettore Sotssass - optimistic and colourful, the new wave creations like the video "Bizarre Love Triangle" by New Order as well as I was simply impressed by how well V&A has displayed and positioned the work.

I was nonetheless, dazed.

2009's peas.

Some update on my earlier illustrations, around 3 years ago in college. Oh the 17 year-old me...


 (research about my favorite artist)

(doodles in journal while waiting endlessly at Heathrow airport)