- Yves Klein.

anything pearl-y please!

i adore pearls and sparkles.
ain't no bling-bling, but Pearls is my best friend.


you're just too good to be true
can't take my eyes off of ... your beard



(From COS online magazine)

The Inspiring Art of Collecting No.1
A collection of 225 soap bars of 24-year-old Manon Grootendorst from the Netherlands.


Baby soft


Frozen Food (with String Beans) - Irving Penn / 1977


" If you don't belong, DON'T BE LONG " .

Mural works by Dopludo Collective (*)

Child with a Dove - Picasso.


"Fish in the sea you know how i feel
River running free you know how i feel
Blossom on the tree you know how i feel"


i scratched the nylon bag of fears last night.
scratched with my nails full on
nylon, yes, nylon, thin
little, giant fears dropped on concrete floors...., quiet and loud

("so what!!" - the trick i learned).




artwork by Sigma Polke.

B A N G!

Oh. You've got that embroidered face. How'd that feel ?

courtesy of t.s




I found this old photo in my dowdy mobile phone today. was on the way from Chelsea back to my ParkerCourt nest. One sunday afternoon. Weary and stuffy - bus 88.

"The days run away like wild horses over the hills." - Charles Bukowski

Feel like there's a hell of energy inside of me, these days, that needs to crack. I mean that whim vigor/ oomph needs to release and suppress. Maybe it has been contaminated for a long while that now I no longer could manage not to make it burst. The fact that it's already hard to verbalise it, makes me sort of suffocate mentally, let alone confide it to anyone or to anything. I find the tempo of my scrambled writing has neurosis. You or your rupture ??!

Narcissism, tricky. I'm quite lost in it. sometimes. shouldn't. therefore, a little bit.

Literally-understandable is not interesting. Abstraction either makes it ostentatious, or plainly void.

"Getting rid of clutter means getting rid of visual distraction and visual stress".

Ya. Like wild horses over the hills...


vintage Moschino - 1989



"Bắt đầu là nhớ đến hàng vó bò tương gừng ở ngõ Tô Hiến Thành Hà Nội cuối những năm 70. Bà cụ chủ quán kiêm đầu bếp lưng còng rạp ngồi lom khom nhặt rau và rán đậu. Có cảm giác bà cụ làm việc hoàn toàn bằng đôi tai. Nghe tiếng mỡ sôi mà vớt đậu. Nghe tiếng dao thớt cô cháu gái mà nhắc nhở độ dày mỏng của miếng vó bò vừa thái. Nghe khách gọi và sai cháu mang đúng thứ khách nào cần đến tận bàn. [...]"

"Vó luộc khéo và đặc biệt tương gừng pha rất chuẩn bằng thứ tương thửa riêng ở Bần. Đổ can tương vào chậu nhôm lớn khuấy lên với đường kính. Gừng giã mịn và ớt thái mỏng sàng hạt cho vào. Ngọt thanh, thơm nức mùi gừng và cay sè ớt đỏ."

(tản mạn "Món nhớ" - Đỗ Phấn)




the -- cure

Peter Saville's record sleeve design
 for New Order.


Olafur Eliasson.

1. The inverted campfire series / 2006
2. Yellow versus Purple / 2003
3. One-way colour tunnel / 2007
4. Din blinde passager (Your blind passenger) - installation screen shot.

"Evil is whatever distracts", said Franz Kafka.

I don't hate them distractions
just that they -really- are annoying sometimes
the kind of annoying level that i don't even bother resisting.


Jelliesss ! !

how versatile !
cant wait for jellying when i''m back to Ldn this Sept.

(by Valerio Loi)


tiny white blossoms



- courtesy of AndBeyond studio -


a dash of guava juice.

Rouge Coco-ed2 0 1 1

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