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"Tree in the Moonlight" light by Michael Anastassiades


beef burger is nothing without cheese you know....


Dust is particulate matter, the dispersed, disordered raw material from which everything ordered and coherent arises, and it is to dust that the complex decays.


Everything that we understand as consistent, the living creature, the machine, the tree, are dust in its coherent phase, part of its continuous evolutionary cycle from order to disorder, from growth to decay repeated in seemingly endless variations.


Life is powered by a sun that has lived millions of times longer than the humans and the cycles we see are tiny ripples in a system that takes billions of years to run down. These cycles are open ended. Every time a thing is born and later dies and decays, the world does not return to where it was before the cycle. The dust to which decay returns is greater than the dust that had created it. The cycles of life and death increase entropy; with each revolution the net disorder increases in the universe. The disordered phase in the nature of dust grows at the expense of its ordered one.

Even the lives of stars seem cyclic. Our sun contains the debris of older generations of stars, and this cosmic recycling may last forever. But even the life of a star is only a moment in the total life of our universe, and the birth and death of generations of stars increase disorder just as life does, and there will eventually be a final generation of stars after which there will be no more.

(Extracts from 'Book of Dust' by Agnes Denes - cited in Nothing, edited by Graham Gussin & Ele Carpenter)




flowery masculinity


In "Girls & Boys", Damon Albarn of Blur sang :

" girls who are boys
  who like boys to be girls
  who do boys like they're girls
  who do girls like they're boys "




sofas evoke dark thinking.
i mean dark

by Araki Nobuyoshi

"the more you know, the more you feel you knew little"

just translated that from a random article online... hmm, 'cabbage' youngster magazine but i like the thought. it is true.

i'm not anxious like i was 2 years ago, when i get to encounter things i don't conceive yet - but still, the feeling is like, when i know something i lack of, the more the more i know i want i need to enlarge my bag of savvy.

Juergen Teller.

- by the sexy Juergen Teller.
i'm always intrigued in things that have a soft touch of humour.


undressing ( you,me )
and smell ( ... ) odour
caressing our moles




Tôi đưa em về
Chân em bước nhẹ
Trời buồn gió cao


When your questioning goes deeper and deeper you will get no answer until finally you will reach a cul-de-sac, your thinking totally checked. You won't find anything within that can be called "I" or "Mind". But who is it that understands all this? Continue to probe more deeply yet and the mind that perceives there is nothing will vanish; you will no longer be aware of questioning but only of emptiness. When awareness of even emptiness disappears, you will realize that there is no Buddha outside Mind and no Mind outside Buddha. Now for the first time you will discover that when you do not hear with your ears you are truly hearing and when you do not see with your eyes you are really seeing Buddhas of the past, present and future. But don't cling to any of this, just experience it for yourself.

(Thomas Merton quoted Bassui)

" ...
guiding the eyes downwards
to their intersection
the point of pleasure.

I like hands, ankles, this and collarbone...


I want to study writing!!!!!!!
ggg damn ittt

The Great Wall of Vagina - jamie mccartney