" Lắm mối tối nằm không. "

Oh my godd . . .
now i know

: (


i had a very lovely dream last night, or more precisely, this early morning.


the clearest things i could recall is the sensual aftertaste of an affair, a call, and the man 's voice through the telephone... he sang so sweet - that vintage tune.
the asleep version of myself - sang along with him,
i smiled,
then the membrane broke,

the dream was over.

(by Hasisi Park)


Clione - (Sea Angels) -



( ishinomaki tote bag print )


From reading " Designing Design " by Kenya Hara ,

" WHITE is not white.
The receptivity that senses white is what gives birth to whiteness. So we cannot look for white.
We need to search instead for a way of feeling that will sense white.
Depending on this search, for the receptivity that senses white, we will be able to aim our consciousness towards a white that is a little whiter than the average white. "


" Colour is not something that exists independently in nature, but is a property exquisitely outlined in words that portrayed the vicissitude of subtle changes of light. "


" White exists on the periphery of life. First, milk is white. [...] The whiteness of breast milk is a shared trait among human beings and other mammals. [...] It is fascinating that the food of life, that which drips from the nipple, is white.

Many eggs are also white. [...] Within this white dwells a real life, and when it comes into the world, breaking the shell of the egg, the membrane between that world and this, it is no longer white, but the colour of a living creature. "


The writing's "aftertaste" is somewhat dry.
but as design perception, these lines are inspirational - to me.


i got some goosebumps and most-likely-to-say, turn-on(s) today.
cheaky cheaky

 ~ ~ ~


( Silicon leaf plates by Nao Tamura )

Sao không về Vàng ơi ?

" Tao đi học về nhà
Là mày chạy xồ ra
Đầu tiên mày rối rít
Cái đuôi mừng ngoáy tít
Rồi mày lắc cái đầu
Khịt khịt mũi, rung râu
Rồi mày nhún chân sau
Chân trước chồm, mày bắt
Bắt tay tao rất chặt
Thế là mày tất bật
Đưa vội tao vào nhà
Dù tao đi đâu xa
Cũng nhớ mày lắm đấy

Hôm nay tao bỗng thấy
Cái cổng rộng thế này !
Vì không thấy bóng mày
Nằm chờ tao trước cửa
Không nghe tiếng mày sủa
Như những buổi trưa nào
Không thấy mày đón tao
Cái đuôi vàng ngoáy tít
Cái mũi đen khịt khịt
Mày không bắt tay tao
Tay tao buồn làm sao !

Sao không về hả chó ?
Nghe bom thằng Mỹ nổ
Mày bỏ chạy đi đâu ?
Tao chờ mày đã lâu
Cơm phần mày để cửa
Sao không về hả chó ?
Tao nhớ mày lắm đó
Vàng ơi là Vàng ơi !

( Trần Đăng Khoa, 1967 )



and when I looked, the Moon had turned to gold...

"Thoughts from above hit the people down below".

good-byes - i sometimes treat them as bruises. few drops of salty liquid, they '' ll soon be just as fine as  proper-cured wound.

i heard the alarm today.

sweet rice were in the ice cream. stitched-hat worn in the middle of the noon. 


" and in the end it is always the same. not good, not bad - just nothing."



sometimes i think i have a wrong neck.